Foundation Level Programmes

The ESF London Learning project is an integrated programme of in-work skills development activities and employer-led activities (retail, health & social care, hospitality & catering), combined with wraparound pastoral and personal development support.

The project provides participants with a menu of ‘interventions’ that bring together formal qualifications, in-work skills, personal development and pastoral support. Interventions are available singularly or in any combination and revolve around a series of employer-led activities  designed to progressively develop the skills and in-work capabilities demanded by participant’s employers and the sectors in which they are employed. These sector-based workshops bring participants together to jointly discuss and work on solutions to real-world business scenarios presented by participating employers.

The project has five key aims which are designed to help low skilled employees with disadvantageous circumstances (particularly disabled employees, BAME employees, older employees, female employees and employees living in a single adult household with dependent children) progress within their employment.

ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business and Management

Pearson Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business

The project provides a wide range of benefits for participating employees and employers, examples of which include:

  • The provision of basic skills units, within a learner-centred environment.
  • Sector-based qualifications at level 2 and 3.
  • Employment related support services offered through a Careers Hub.
  • Advocacy to employers on behalf of employees to facilitate their ‘buy-in’.
  • Empower learners through a regular review process where they can identify progress against agreed milestones.
  • Support functions such as one to one Employee Mentors, focus groups and learner forums.
  • Extensive stakeholder links enabling complimentary support services for participant's addressing barriers and needs.
  • Delivery methods directly respond to participants and employer’s needs.
  • Improved professional and personal skills, awareness of community issues and enhanced employee engagement.