Emil Spes - NLET's London Learning Project Tutor

It was good to learn with Emil, the course was very good and I'm looking forward to taking another course with him.

I'm very happy with my Customer Service course because I have expanded my knowledge and techniques.

Luminita - Health & Social Care Academy student

Attending the New London Educational Trust was one of best decisions that I could make. I am happy that I had the support of such a beautiful people in building my career, my confidence and my skills.

Barbara - Health & Social Care Academy

I found all the staff friendly and boosted my confidence with their help, explaining things to me, they are very patient I look forward to coming in now before attending I was frightened of courses and training as it’s a long time since being in a classroom.

Sabeen - Exam Centre

Sat an ACA advanced level exam with NET Hounslow today. Hands down, the best ever centre I have taken an exam at (I have taken my fair share of exams). Well organised and friendly people who have maintained the building with utmost hygiene.

Google Review

"Attended a Microsoft (Pearson) certification here today. Friendly staff, reception clearly signposted, very easy process: sign in, agree to exam terms, show ID, do digital signature and get your photo recorded, put your belongings in a locker, go upstairs to a nice big open-plan air-conditioned computer room and sit your test. Definitely recommend this venue for sitting exams."

Google Review

"This is my lucky place! There is always availability here and I can always book an exam on short notice. I’ve been passing(!) exams here for a few years now and the examiners are always very welcoming and helpful. I don’t know all of their names, unfortunately, recently I’ve met Aaron and Emma here who are super nice."

Google Review

"The staff are so welcoming which makes you less stressed about your exam. Aaron and Emma are super nice people who will take you through the pre exam admin work easily and quickly. The centre maintains a high standard of Covid guidance and having a local exam centre is so much easy."

Google Review

"I would say this is the best test centre I've ever been to. They are very professional, handle each and every candidate appearing for the exam very politely, as you know how nervous one feels on the day of exam but the way they handle the registration formalities & make you comfortable for the exam and follow all the guidelines set by Pearson, you feel that nothing can go wrong and one can just focus on the exam…”