FREE training in Health and Social Care

The project is aimed at residents of West London who are unemployed or economically inactive and who would like to take their first steps into a career in the health & social care sector. 

Unemployed people returning to the sector after an absence, would also find the programme extremely helpful. 

Enrolments are now being taken.  To confirm your FREE place and kickstart your career in Health & Social Care please email or phone 07944 320940.

Barbara’s Journey

Barbara carried out vital and important work as a live-in carer to an elderly gentleman, a role she enjoyed and felt gave her sense of purpose. In time, the gentleman passed away and Barbara found herself not just jobless but homeless too. Despite registering with the Job Centre, Barbara was unable to secure any employment due her to homeless status.

After having been given a place in a local hostel, Barbara came across information about NLET’s Health & Social Care Academy and the training they offered for people like her, particularly focused on care work. Barbara enrolled with NLET and began attending training in Health & Safety basics, Communications Skills and dementia Awareness. She achieved success in gaining her certificates, but just as importantly, found a new purpose and a growing confidence.

Barbara stated that she found all of the staff at NLET friendly and supportive, helping to boost her confidence and overcome her fear of the classroom environment. Barbara is looking forward to volunteering or community based roles to help in her retirement, and in feeling that sense of belonging and worth that she had before.

Richard's Story

My name is Richard Conteh. I became unemployed since Covid 2019. While on universal credit, I was referred to the academy by Carlos of Ingeus ReStart. I eventually attended the Academy and to my greatest surprise and amazement found the training and health care related tasks online very refreshing and rewarding.

The staff especially my mentor Vicky Rix extremely helpful. Vicky’s approach was mainly tailored to address what I wanted to achieve in the Academy and set the objectives and the timeline needed to achieve these set objectives. Vicky made sure I worked hard to achieve those objectives through her purpose driven mentoring. Her calm and careful explanation of difficult tasks made me understand what I needed to do. She made several and constant follow ups with emails and phone calls to make sure I was on track.

I found the entire staff of the academy very helpful but can confirm that Vicky was exceptional in her meticulous and tactful approach to the impartation of knowledge and in mapping out what was good for me in a short, medium, and long term. Therefore, as a result, I was able to achieve the knowledge - based skills, health care related certificates and the employability I am now gainfully employed.


  1. To provide a firm foundation from where Academy participants progress into employment, education or training.
  2. To provide effective employability skills training/IAG and wraparound support that develops the capacity of participants to enter employment.
  3. To support participants to develop robust and effective job-hunting strategies.
  4. To work partners and stakeholders to increase the offer to participants by championing best practice and developing further collaboration between local agencies.
  5. To support health & social care employers in addressing pre-conceived ideas about the employment of disadvantaged people.
  6. To give Academy participants a comprehensive understanding of employment roles in the health and social care sector.

Benefits of Participation

  1. Direct access to career opportunities;
  2. Support to acquire essential employability skills, including personal effectiveness at job interviews and effective jobsearch strategies, alongside direction to access additional education and training options.
  3. Access to an individualised bespoke training plan designed to support Academy alumni to develop their capacity to transition into positive employment, education or training destinations.
  4. Supported by an extensive menu of interventions available in any combination appropriate to the participant’s needs. Blended delivery through VLE platform or in person on-site.
  5. Access to an Employment Mentor who will support participants throughout their Academy journey and into employment or further training.
  6. Direct engagement with local health & social care employers alongside peer networks and support mechanisms to ensure participants can sustain positive progressions and access future opportunities.



Induction/Assessment and a bespoke training plan - developed with a dedicated Employment Mentor to create a pathway to employment.


Employability Skills Development &Training – CPD approved work-based competence training and employability skills short courses with blended learning options.


Personal development & pastoral support – one-to-one and small group advice surgeries to address personal issues.


Employer Engagement – events to meet with local health & social care employers.


Work Placement/volunteering - work experience opportunities.


Participant Forums – Participant-led discussion forums to create peer networks of support where experiences are shared and future plans are made.