New London Business School

The New London Business School (NLBS) has been developed in response to the growing demand from Universities to be able to work jointly with an agile, responsive and effective sub-regional higher education partner who can act quickly to address new market challenges and opportunities.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of NLET, the Business School focuses solely on higher education but benefits enormously from NLET’s extensive track record of recruitment services and engagement of under-represented groups and an unrivalled careers and employment support service.

Widening participation in Higher Education and experimenting with new approaches to push performance further for disadvantaged students are important areas for the Business School. Partnering with NLBS allows Universities to invest into markets and systems in a way that allows new strategies to be trialled and reviewed quickly, ultimately working together to transform the outcomes for the University and its students.

In its capacity as the parent company, NLET can leverage its successful relationship with a number of professional and statutory bodies in accrediting the courses and qualifications offered by NLBS. The Business School will be subject to the same stringent compliance processes that NLET adheres to, such as annual review and monitoring, inspection, and periodic reaccreditation. All academic staff at the Business School hold professional registrations and accreditations and are subject to annual registration requirements.

NLBS will directly benefit from NLET’s partnerships with business networks and employer bodies such as the West London Chamber of Commerce. For example, students at the Business School will have the opportunity to access placements with employers that enhance their academic studies, put their learning into practice and, by the time they graduate, know what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

Additionally, students will receive first-hand information, advice and guidance from business leaders about how their studies link directly to career routeways. Our programmes blend academic theory with expert practitioners, teaching not only the foundation tools and skills that students need, but also how to apply them to their desired careers. Employment Mentors work alongside Academic staff to provide students with one-to-one careers guidance, information about job vacancies, employer engagement strategies and job brokerage.

The involvement of both academic and business networks ensures that the course curriculums at NLBS are compliant, up to date with professional standards and serve the needs of business and industry.

Students at NLBS will have the opportunity to experience university life in a fast-paced and industry-focused environment with engaging groups and individualised learning. We provide a secure base for our students to join with the 350,000+ other HE students that study in London and enjoy all that the city has to offer.