Growth. Community. Diversity. Innovation.

NLET’s inclusive culture is rooted in a firm belief that the benchmark of any society is reflected in how it treats its most vulnerable members. We recognise the importance of establishing close ties with local community partners to ensure that our services provide positive impact to the communities we serve.

About our Learning Community

NLET’s success stems from a service offer that meets the educational and employment needs of local communities, which includes the HR needs of employers serving those communities. NLET works with local community representatives in developing its programmes and runs focus groups throughout each year where community stakeholders and employers meet to discuss skills and employment matters that affect them most.

This provides a ‘user-informed’ foundation from where NLET plans and designs the most appropriate provision to address the needs of the local community.  This is a key part of NLET’s charitable aims and objectives, where it undertakes to play a significant role for the public benefit. By working closely with community stakeholders and employers, NLET is able to identify emerging needs and respond quickly and effectively to reduce the impact on disadvantaged groups.

A Diverse Place to Learn & Grow

NLET strives to work and collaborate with community groups to strengthen integration, regeneration and opportunities for all.

With this in mind it has four community objectives:

  • To be the partner of choice for local and regional support groups and organisations providing frontline support services to disadvantaged people.
  • To have a pipeline of community organisations to whom NLET can signpost participants.
  • To offer partnership and collaborative opportunities to VCSE and local groups.
  • To be a ‘Community Champion’ promoting the involvement of community groups within NLET’s services.

NLET encourages local groups and community organisations to get involved in our work.

If you work for a VCSE group or would like more information about collaborative opportunities please contact us.