NLET hosts Mayors of Hounslow and Slough

NLET was pleased to welcome The Worshipful the Mayor of the London Borough of Hounslow (Councillor Afzaal Kiani) and The Worshipful the Mayor of Slough (Councillor Amjad Abassi), the CEO of West London Chamber of Commerce (Alan Rides) to its training centre today, to meet with its staff and local Health & Social Care employers including UK Star Care with whom NLET is working in partnership. The Mayors heard at first hand the work NLET is doing to upskill and train the new generation of care staff that UK Star Care and other employers need to serve this important sector. Representatives from UK Star Care, and other employers, shared their insights and talked about how valuable a resource care work is for Hounslow, other west London Boroughs, and neighbouring areas such as Slough.

NLET’s Director of Operations, Ian Whitehead, highlighted the collaboration between NLET and UK Star Care and in particular the benefits for local communities and local employers to engage in NLET’s skills development projects that are funded through the Mayor of London and the European Social Fund – ‘NLET Health & Social Care Academy’ and the ‘London Learning Project’.