JETS – Job Entry Targeted Support Programme

It has been a tough few years for everyone. However, New London Educational Trust (NLET) has been working hard to help those in West London through our new office at the Lido Centre in West Ealing. It is from here that we pioneered the West London Alliance (WLA) and Shaw Trust Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS) programme for Ealing residents.

The WLA JETS programme, or JETS for short, is a COVID response programme to support people who are unemployed and in receipt of benefits to re-enter employment. JETS is a national contract; the Programme was designed to help develop employment skills and capacity for those most affected by the pandemic.

NLET were invited to deliver the JETS programme for the London Borough of Ealing, which was designed to help residents gain employment through accessing a range of integrated employability support and personal development skills as well as information broadcasts.

The programme delivered light touch employment support linked to necessary vocational upskilling and reskilling opportunities to prevent individuals from becoming long term unemployed or economically inactive.

We aimed to identify, and support participants to overcome barriers to work as well as reviewing the current local labour market trends. A key aspect has been helping residents recognise their transferable skills and discover career alternatives, especially for those most affected by the Covid pandemic.

We aimed to provide participants with up-to-date employability tools and rekindle their motivation, drive and confidence. The support enabled more effective job searching activities and aided in their progress towards sustained employment.

Key Interventions available included:

  • Employability skills training
  • CV Sessions – entry, middle and senior levels
  • Personal Development modules (Selling Yourself)
  • Tailored support
  • Post Covid-19 support
  • One-to-one, group and remote training
  • Participant forums including peer led discussions
  • Employer Insight Sessions from Labour Market Analysis
  • Broadcasts including NHS opportunities

The Lido Centre, from where NLET delivers its services in Ealing, is an administrative base for more than a dozen Ealing charities. It is a source of information and signposting for local residents, a venue for meetings, training and counselling as well as offering a friendly hand with development issues for Ealing communities. NLET is delighted to be partnered with the Lido Centre to widen our network of support for our participants. (#lidolife)

The JETS programme has been hugely successful in helping hundreds back into the workplace and NLET is proud to have played a significant role in its success.

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