Pearson Vue

Over 450 professional bodies around the world choose Pearson VUE to help develop, manage, deliver and grow their testing programs.

As a recognised centre for Pearson VUE’s leading computer-based-testing NLET Exam Centre offers a range of exams that require the industry’s most secure testing environments.

These enable you to qualify or advance in a professional career and allow your professional competency to be verified. In accordance with the Pearson VUE values, NLET Exam centre is committed to excellence and total transparency, ensuring a fair and equitable experience for every test taker.

For full details of the range of exams offered via Pearson VUE please click here.

Please note that this list includes all Pearson VUE exams. Due to national restrictions, some exams may not be available in the UK.

To book an exam, please contact us or visit the Pearson VUE website.