Basic Skills
Basic skills are those skills which are essential to prepare individuals with the tools they need to prosper in life, as well as get into work (in a variety of industries) and progress within a lifetime of learning. Basic skills include communication, presentation, understanding customers, computing skills, mathematics, willingness to learn etc. As well as skills in English, maths and digital, we also know that building essential skills such as resilience, confidence, problem solving, collaboration and mental fitness is vitally important to individuals thriving and fulfilling their personal potential. In our experience, a combination of these skills helps to arm individuals with a platform that’ll help them to navigate their futures, wherever this takes them.
Functional Skills
Functional skills are qualifications in English, Maths and ICT that equip learners with the basic practical skills required in everyday life, education and the workplace. An alternative to GCSEs, Functional Skills are key requirement to apprenticeships, traineeships and vocational study and offer flexibility to sit the assessment all year round.
NLET is an NCFE Approved Test Centre for Functional Skills.  Assessments are available on-demand. This means learners can choose a date and time that suits them.

Fees for Functional Skills Tests:

English (Speaking, Listening and Communication) - £100

English (Writing) - £50

English (Reading) - £50

Maths - £100

ICT - £100

Availability: Monday-Friday, 9.30 am to 1 pm