An exciting new project has been launched to help and support employees* in West London to develop their job-related skills, improve their technical knowledge and build their career prospects.

Free Hospitality training at NLET

NLET is proud to offer this new opportunity for the Hospitality sector, that will enable eligible employees to gain units and knowledge in a flexible and accessible way from basic skills English/Maths to sector- based units at Levels 1, 2 & 3.

This project is completely FREE to all eligible employees and their employers.

*Please contact us to discuss your eligibility for London Learning.

Contact us at or call on 020 8570 7766

Full range of training available

Hospitality course subjects available include:

  • Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry
  • Safe, hygienic and secure working environments in hospitality
  • Principles of Resolving Customer Service Problems
  • Contribute to Promoting Hospitality Products and Services

Essential certificates in:

  • COSHH Awareness
  • Food Safety Cross Contamination
  • Food Allergen Awareness
  • Food Safety Levels 1 to 4

What are the key benefits of training in the hospitality industries?

  • Training guarantees guest satisfaction.
  • Training streamlines company culture for consistent guest experience.
  • Training builds a qualified pool of employees.
  • Training increases retention rates.
  • Training ensures the safety and security of both guests and employees.