Traineeship in Sport & Recreation

The course is designed for 16-18 years old who are interested in working within the sports sector, or a personal training setting.

The course will give them an understanding into how to work with people passionate about health and fitness.  The course will include basic knowledge about the law and development in this specialised area.

IAG takes place prior to the learner being accepted onto the programme, enabling assessment of their aspirations and ensuring the programme will meet their needs.  They are required to take a Skills Forward Maths and English assessment to ascertain their level, along with a learning styles challenge.  Prior achievement is also assessed to establish where this fits into the delivery model.

Delivery Model

Delivered full-time over 8wks, the provision enables learners to achieve Level 1 Sports & Recreation units and an employability qualification.  In addition, functional skills are fully embedded throughout the provision.  Learners will attend 9.30am to 4.30pm, Mon-Fri, and by week 3 will be participating in a placement with a host employer.  Week 8 is a full week with the host employer.


  • Sports & Recreation Level 1 NCFE units depending on the area of interest.
  • Embedded Functional Skills Maths & English.
  • NCFE Employability E3-L1.
  • DBS depending on the placement.

Employment Placement

Host placements are due to commence in week three, after appropriate participant IAG and employability preparation has taken place.  Placements enable participants to sample the work-place within the sector they are interested in, increase their capacity to cope with work and develop essential work-based skills.  The placement day varies dependent upon the host employer’s working hours and the participant’s needs.  The general expectation is normal 9am-5pm office hours and this will be agreed between the setting, NLET staff and the learner.


The main progression routes from this course would be a Study Programme, Apprenticeship, Further Education or employment.