WLA JETS (West London Alliance Job Entry Targeted Support)

It has been a tough year for everyone. However, New London Educational Trust (NLET) is working hard to help those in West London through our new office at the Lido Centre in West Ealing. It is from here we are pioneering the West London Alliance (WLA) Shaw Trust Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS) programme for Ealing residents.

The WLA JETS programme, or JETS for short, is designed to help find sustained work especially these who have been unemployed and in receipt of benefits for at least 13 weeks. The Programme is working to help develop employment skills and capacity for those most affected by the pandemic.

Our team provide early support, responding to local priorities and complementing the wider labour market offer of support through a sector-based approach. We support our participants through integration with employment support and skills provision. The programme delivers light touch employment support linked to necessary vocational upskilling and reskilling opportunities to prevent individuals from becoming long term unemployed or economically inactive.

As with all such programmes, we must be able to establish participants’. WLA JETS Participant must want to work, require this support and satisfy one or more additional criteria. They might not expect to find work without our help and are in need of support/confidence building to overcome barriers to work. Alternatively, they could be unable to undertake the effective job search needed to secure employment without help and direction. Finally, they may need to identify transferable skills or some short vocational up-skilling to widen job search opportunities in alternative sectors and/or establish a new path to their career. A participant would be referred onto the programme by their advisor at the Job Centre. So if this sounds like something for you or someone you know, let your Job Centre Advisor know and we will look forward to helping you get where you want to be.