Our Services

NLET’s programmes provide a direct pathway to employment and/or Higher Education.


NLET is an ESFA approved Apprenticeship Training Provider for both Levy and non-levy employers.

Apprenticeships are ideal if you have a clear idea of the career you’d like to pursue, and you’re willing to commit to work and study. Unlike in school, at college or on a traditional degree course, the majority of your learning will be through on-the-job training in your place of work.

Adult Services

NLET provides a range of programmes for adult participants.  These include vocational training and qualifications, through to employability skills and pastoral support.  Our services are designed to marry participant’s educational needs with their employment needs.  They include interventions to assist with direct pathways into employment, career progression for those in-work, or access into higher education opportunities.

Youth Services

NLET provides a range of programmes and support for children and young people. These include vocational training and qualifications through provision such as 16-18 Apprenticeships.

We encourage a ‘whole family’ approach to learning and work with parents and their children simultaneously.